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Light color type and use of rechargeable led flashlight

Light color type and use of rechargeable led flashlight


Light color type and use of rechargeable led flashlight.Generally, people who play outdoor know that outdoor flashlights usually have four kinds of color lights, namely white led flashlights, yellow led flashlights, red led flashlights, and blue led flashlights. But not everyone knows the role of these four shades of light, the following visitor will tell you the different effects of these four shades.

White led flashlight: night walk, camp lighting

White light led flashlight is currently the most popular, starting from the wide application of white light led flashlight LED in flashlight in recent years. The white led flashlight is close to the sun, and the white led flashlight illumination in the dark meets the visual experience of our eyes, so the eyes do not need to take the time to adapt, it is the most comfortable color for the eyes. Moreover, the white light led flashlight is higher in brightness and color temperature than other colors, giving the strongest bright feeling.

Yellow light led flashlight: deal with water vapor, mist

The white led flashlight is a mixture of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, ingot and purple. It is a mixed color. The yellow led flashlight here is monochromatic yellow, without mixing. The yellow light led flashlight is essentially an electromagnetic wave of a certain wavelength. When the electromagnetic wave propagates in the air, there are five forms of direct reflection, reflection, transmission, refraction and scattering. Due to its specific wavelength, the yellow led flashlight is

There is color light with the least amount of refraction and scattering in visible light. That is to say, the yellow light led flashlight has the strongest penetration. Under the same conditions, the yellow light led flashlight spreads farther than other visible light.

Red led flashlight: improve hunting efficiency

Red light led flashlight hand current is among the hunting enthusiasts in Europe and America. The human retina contains two photosensitive tissues, which distinguish the color of the pyramidal cells and distinguish the contours of the rod cells. Many animals have only rod cells or only few pyramidal cells, resulting in color insensitivity or even no color perception. When hunting at night, you can use the red led flashlight to sweep the flashlight and let the prey unconscious, greatly improving the efficiency of hunting.

Blu-ray led flashlight: tracking the blood of injured prey

Most of the white LED flashlight LEDs are actually white light led flashlights illuminated by blue LED flashlight LEDs. Therefore, LED white LED flashlights contain more blue LED flashlight components. Since the blue led flashlight has high refraction and scattering rate when passing through the air, the propagation distance is usually not long, that is, the penetration is poor. But the blood of the animal will emit faint fluorescence under the illumination of the blue led flashlight. Using this feature of the blue-lighted flashlight, European and American hunting enthusiasts also use the blue-lighted flashlight flashlight to track the blood of the injured prey, thus eventually collecting the prey.