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TANK007 waterproof flashlight TC19 recommend

TANK007 waterproof flashlight TC19 recommend


TANK007 waterproof flashlight TC19 recommendWith the popularity of outdoor lighting tools,it is a happy thing for a civilian family to has a   flashlight which has strong waterproof function.A lot of people will think highly of the battery’s capacity, however,rechargeable flashlight could decreases this requirement when you consider it a family spare flashlight. Whether it is outdoor or indoor use,you often face these circumstances such as have to go outside at rainy day or accidentally drop the flashlight into water. So,the higher the waterproof level of a waterproof flashlight, the better for you.

Due to the relatively long life of LED , generally a good quality flashlight can be used for several years. Secondly , it is a wise choice to pick a brand with many years of manufacturing experience. Although the price some brands spending in advertising is not very high. But its quality is excellent. Just not to be know and understand by some consumers. However, due to the accumulation of its manufacturing experience, the product quality of these brands will be better than you expected.

Some factory’s production experience is not long enough, but marketing works very well. Therefore, it makes better sales. But the craft design would lack of time to test.

Tank007 is a relatively old flashlight brand. In China, it has been accepted by many consumers. Now I recommend a rechargeable flashlight tc19. With Cree XR-E Q5 led,max Brightness come to 220 lumens,distance beam of 280 meters. TC19 is a powerful rechargeable led waterproof flashlight which is suitable for police, outdoor camping, outdoor searching.Led module can be changed freely. Button switch in the head for free operation.Constant current circuit chip for constant brightness. The flashlights has memory function to memorize the last it’s sale $51. at tank007 official store


TANK007 waterproof flashlight TC19 recommend