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Jade Appraise Flashlight introduction of TANK007 J6

Jade Appraise Flashlight introduction of TANK007 J6


Jade Appraise Flashlight introduction of TANK007 J6 J6 TANK007 (2)

J6 is a specially-designed flashlight for identification of jades.

Adopting US CREE LED, with a strong penetration, it is not only a beneficial tool for identification of jades and antiques but a good helper of expert, jewelry shopkeeper and antique enthusiast. Graceful workmanship of short and delicate design. The Body is made of aircraft-grade aluminum and the Head and Tail is made of 304 stainless steel, so that it more rubber and wear, rarely to fade. Using orange aluminum reflector cup makes the beam softer and more uniform. Anti-reverse protection circuit design, avoid the damage caused by putting anti-battery. With pocket clip, which make it can be portable easily. Constant current circuit chip to maintain stable and continuous brightness. Specially designed convergent cusp for identification of jades ensures a better beam focus.

Below is J6’s features from tank007 official website:

1.J6 is one of professional Jade identification flashlight. Use original USA import Cree led as it’s light source(yellow, white light optional),strong penetrability, is effective tool of Jade, antique appraisal, moreover, it’s good helper of experts, jewelry shop, antique lovers to identify.

2.With pocket clip, which make it convenient to carry

3.Body adopt durable aircraft-grade aluminum, hard head made of high-cost 304# stainless steel, Harmonious color collocation reveals high quality ,more resistant, not easy to change color

4.End click switch, Convenient and practical, and handstand function

5.Specially designed toughened ultra clear glass lens with AR coating, makes light beam more softer, light more even

6.Constant current circuit chip which maintains constant brightness, two modes , brightness can be adjust according to need.

7.Anti-polarity reversed design protect circuit, do not worry harmful of product due to put battery in reversed way.