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Tank007 UV flashlights are widely used in production line for testing

Tank007 UV flashlights are widely used in production line for testing


Nowadays,Tank007 UV flashlights are widely used in the dairy production line testing.It is critical of clean dairy production, a little negligence causing bacteria and viruses breed and remaining on the quality of dairy products is fatal.2013 a New Zealand dairy company Botox events, product recall to the enterprise are enormous economic losses and brands fatal blow.Meanwhile, oil and foreign equipment surfaces will emit different light when under ultraviolet irradiation light.

As the fungus under ultraviolet light blue-white,irradiation by UV light, the human eye can easily find fungi.So dairy companies will use 365nm UV flashlight to check after cleaning dairy production line, it is easy to see into the bacterial surface dairy production line equipment, dust, oil and foreign bodies

Tank007’s 365nm UV flashlight is very protable,is use the high-power UV led, high intensity UV output.It can easily excite the  bright fluorescence of the various foreign bodies emit from the equipment surface.It will greatly improving the work efficiency asvthe UV flashlight illuminated a large area,The long life light source of Tank007 365nm UV flashlight will help you save a lot of maintenance costs.Tank007 UV flashlight rechargeable battery can use for a long time on the production floor, eliminating the trouble of drag strip.and forth to take the .