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You always need a Portable flashlight

You always need a Portable flashlight


You always need a easy to carry flashlight. This is one of the most convenient source of energy, easy to get, and it is not expensive. But if you want to walk a long distance and bring a battery, then the weight is imagined. Also, do remember “Do not discard the battery”, the best to bring it back “civilized society” to resolve.

Alkaline batteries

Cheaper, longer life expectancy, but there will be some decay time, you can easily know that it’s about to run out. But it’s energy will decrease with decreasing temperature.

Lithium Battery

More durable than alkaline batteries, energy is greater. And can be used at -20C or longer. But it’s more expensive

NiCad battery

Commonly known as rechargeable batteries. Higher prices,battery life is shorter than non-rechargeable alkaline battery, but if you have a solar battery charger, then nickel-cadmium batteries is a good choice.


Light weight, inexpensive, use for a long time. But also exudes a certain amount of heat. The disadvantage is that the brightness is not high. Will be dangerous if used improperly. Do not allow children to use!

Liquid fuel / GAS

Some burning gas lamps use the same fuel as gas stove, so your gas stove and a gas lamp can share the same burning fuel. But it also means that you can not lighting when cooking, but this time just play your headlights influence?

Consider the functionality of the torch

Make sure your request for a flashlight, and then meet the requirements of products to choose from. Perhaps the following questions can help you make a choice:

Whether you need a easy to carry flashlight?

Whether you need a adjustable illumination flashlight?

Whether you need a handy flashlight?

Whether you need a convenient focus flashlight?

Whether you need an easy to hang, and provides a top-down light lighting?

Different flashlight is designed to meet the different uses, you not only have to consider the flashlight appearance, size, and more importantly, it’s performance should be considered as well.