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Tank007 Ultraviolet led flashlight Introduction

Tank007 Ultraviolet led flashlight Introduction


Ultraviolet led flashlight is a kind of special flashlight that can emit ultraviolet ray or light. This kind of flashlight is widely used in our daily life now. Here, this article will show you some popular ultraviolet flashlights in Tank007.

Common uses of Tnak007 Ultraviolet led flashlight
◆ Check the leaks in air conditioner and automobile circulatory system
◆ Mark and blood inspection, examination of crime scene.
◆ Treasure and minerals searching, Antique appraisal
◆ Ink curing and glue curing.
◆ Counterfeit and banknotes distinguishing
◆ Gas leaks inspection
◆ Fluorescent reflection in special materials

Most popular UV lights

No.1. TK566
TK566 365nm UV flashlight is the earliest ultraviolet led flashlight in Tank007. Now, it has experiences many updates. The latest update is that its lens is replaced by dark filter glass which can filter visual white lights and make the UV light purer.

Key features:

  • LED: Japan UV LED, accurate 365nm or 395nm wavelength, with lifetime more than 20000 hours
  • Power source: 1*AA battery. Do not use li-ion battery
  • Size (cm): 9.7(length)* 2.1 (body diameter)
  • Weight (g): 47.8 (excluding batteries)
  • Switch: End click switch
  • Material: made of durable aircraft-grade aluminum T6061
  • Reflector: High temperature vacuum coated aluminum mirror reflector
  • Lens: tempering optical lens
  • Treatment: premium Type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish
  • Waterproof: IPX-8
  • Anti dropping height: 1.5 m
  • Color: black

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No.2 UV31
UV31 is the most powerful ultraviolet LED flashlight in Tank007. I adopts Nichia 5W UV chip which can emit pure and powerful ultraviolet light. This flashlight can do almost everything you expect from a UV light, including curing, mark detection, password check, ID card check, etc.
To make the ultraviolet led light powerful, this flashlight is powered by a 18650 li-ion battery. Therefore, the burning time is up to 5 hours.

For more details about this UV torch, go to: