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Tactical Flashlight for Gun

Tactical Flashlight for Gun



Gun-type flashlight is a special flashlight fixed on the gun with a clip, thus liberating people’s hands, allowing users to better control weapons. Most gun-type flashlight has a power control line to control the flashlight; gun users control the line to facilitate the control of flashlight. Normally, guns used in gun-type flashlight include: rifle, shotgun, carbine, etc., of course, there are some pistols are also using this flashlight.

In the price, gun-type tactical flashlight is usually more expensive than hand-held flashlight, because the gun-type flashlight needs to be able to withstand the strong impact of firearms, its structural design and raw materials than hand-held flashlight.

Because the gun-type tactical flashlight is fixed on the gun, the gun and the flashlight can move together, which is overall better than hand-held flashlight in flexibility.

Focal length, which means that in the dark, users can see farther, longer, without the need for a lot of batteries. Have the corrosion resistance and weather performance, do not have to worry about lighting problems. Tank007’s hard anodized coating has exceeded military specifications, and in fact you are hard to scratch on it, more

The core of the Tank007 product is the lens. A lens made of high quality tempered glass is like a magnifying glass that concentrates the light emitted by the LED light and puts it where you want it. Compared with ordinary flashlight,Tank007 products issued by the light will not be scattered. In addition, T6061 aluminum and more than military specifications of the hard anodized coating, as well as rubber seals and other moisture-proof measures, so that Tank007 can be used in any of the harshest conditions. Built-in durable structural parts can withstand extreme hot and cold and corrosive environments. Efficient, energy-efficient design to ensure that the product has a longer time to be used, the unique electronic components do not take the violent way to get more brightness, but through the most efficient way to use the light source.

All this is all why Tank007 products can be brighter and more durable. Each component is striving for perfection, creating a myth in the fixture.