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TANK007 Product Change Notification of TK737 extension tube

TANK007 Product Change Notification of TK737 extension tube


Dear dealers and consumers,

To meet the diverse needs of consumers, TANK007 TK737 can be compatible with one 18650 lithium battery (need to be installed with extension tube) and 3 AAA batteries (remove the extension tube and mount on the battery holder), but some customers reflect it is inconvenient. Therefore, to give consumers a better experience, after repeated evaluation and experiment, we decide to make appropriate changes of aforementioned design (hereinafter referred to as V1, new version referred to as V2). In addition, the change is to adapt to the consumer’s habits, excepting the design, all production process, material and quality are the same.

Relevant information changed as follows


Thank you for your long-term support and trust to TANK007. You are our forward momentum to launch better products. Meanwhile, before the comprehensive upgrade of TK737 (V2), the old version (V1) will be in circulation in the market for some time. Please TANK007 dealers explain to the users timely, avoiding any unnecessary misunderstanding. More information, please refer to Or, call 86-0755-89380055.

                                         TANK007 Marketing Department