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Tank007 Most Powerful Diving Flashlight D60 Introduction

Tank007 Most Powerful Diving Flashlight D60 Introduction


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Diving flashlight is a special kind of flashlight. Such flashlight need to working under water and be able to resist the pressure that comes from the water, so, they need some special structure. TANK007, a long-established LED flashlight manufacturer, has its mature technology to deal with the problems that occurs when manufacturing diving flashlight. And now, its D60 diving flashlight has been popular in the market for years. Here, this article will introduce the upgrade D6o high power diving flashlight.

LED: D60 adopts Cree XM-L U2 LED which features 100000 hours lifespan and can emit 1000 lumen light which can ensure the divers see objects under water clearly.
Body: Made of aluminum and stainless steel; magnetic switch of high intensity. Diving capability is up to 200 meters, 2 meters anti-drop capability, suitable for uses in water. The body is hard enough to resist the pressure comes from the water,

Safe settings. As is known to all, it is dangerous when the light is out but the diver is still under deep water. So, D60 has a safe setting to ensure the divers safety. When battery runs out of power, the light is automatically switched to low mode after flashing 2 times. The low light, after being switched, will continue for 30 minutes, which ensures that the divers float to the water surface.

Charger and battery. Built-in battery that integrated internal charger, protection of overcharge, over discharge, over hot, over current, low power consuming design, which ensures the battery lifespan.

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