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The TANK007 outdoor flashlight got a luxuriant appearance in 2014 Asia Outdoor EXPO

The TANK007 outdoor flashlight got a luxuriant appearance in 2014 Asia Outdoor EXPO


The TANK007 outdoor flashlight got a luxuriant appearance in 2014 Asia Outdoor, and had a positive response to the energy conservation and environmental protection slogans. Against the hot summer, the 2014 Asia Outdoor Trade Show got a grand opening in the NanJing International Exhibition center on July 23-26.

The development of the Asia Outdoor Trade Show

      The Asia Outdoor Trade Show(Asia Outdoor) is a Sino-German cooperation exhibition project, it is a professional exhibition that is set up for Asia Outdoor market. After eight years of development, both the scale and the number of it is become the  third largest professional outdoor exhibition in the world just after the EURO OUTDOOR and the Outdoor Retailers Market.

Various  brands, new brands, new technology, environmental protection first.

The Chinese outdoor market has been downturn over the past two years, the competition between brands increasingly fierce, especially the core of market competition has presented an unhealthy condition. Over the same period, the rapid growth of network electricity sales changing even leads the development of the market. The Public support for the outdoor market gradually recovery in this year, the people’s brand awareness is becoming higher and higher, and the brands are pay more attention on the functional, professional design and quality of the products. In this exhibition, the brands get rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh, they release the latest products with application of science and technology innovation.TANK007 flashlight attend the exhibition with the latest energy conservation and environmental protection products.


The design of the TANK007 flashlight put glorious greatly on the 2014 Asia Outdoor

TANK007 flashlight has been uphold the adhere to innovation and originality of the products, the exquisite technology, quality and fashionable appearance of the flashlight are all won the praise of the broad masses of consumers . Many professional audiences can hardly tear themselves away from the Tank flashlight, the design of the TANK007 is according to the survey of outdoor activities and the actual survey of travelers, they are the outdoor flashlights for professionals. TANK007 will continue to innovates more applicable and environmental protection products, shining in the outdoor tourism by virtue of their own advantages.