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TANK007 launched special tailor-made uv flashlight for fluorescent leak detecting

TANK007 launched special tailor-made uv flashlight for fluorescent leak detecting


TANK007 launched special tailor-made uv flashlight  for fluorescent leak detection industry !TANK007 uv flashlight is  a convenient leak detection tool for fluorescent leak detection industry .Uv flashlight overcomes the disadvantages of market , which is bright, without waiting for, a large area of high strength light, tiny funnelled, easy to find.

why does fluorescent leak detection choose 365-nm uv flashlight?

Uv flashlight with ultraviolet light, purple light source, blue light, white light source, so why choose uv light source?
Because ultraviolet light is invisible to the naked eye, but visible light such as violet light, blu-ray and white light has interference on leak detection agent fluorescence. It’s necessary to wear yellow fluorescence enhancement glasses, even so which would cause leak detection. So choose ultraviolet (uv) light source as uv flashlight will find tiny leak.
TANK007 uv flashlight adopted multiple 365-nm high-power led as light source, which sendsa strong ultraviolet ray and make it easy to find the leak point.
So, many people worry that uv damage to the operators. In fact, news  often reports that ultraviolet damage is the short wave ultraviolet disinfection lamp.Short-wave ultraviolet  have a strong damage on a person’s skin.And TANK007 uv flashlight is using narrow band ultraviolet (uv) light source, no harmful shortwave and uvb rays. Just remember,operating TANK007 purple light flashlight, wear uv protective glasses.

TANK007  UV flashlight application:

Fingerprint detection: court laboratory can see the fingerprint from fluorescent light imaging.
Oil detection: use the uv lamp stimulate fat class material characteristics of the fluorescence detection and oil with the workpiece.
Health examination: because human’s fluid and other groups of pollutants are the source of the bacteria to breed and peculiar smell, using uv lamp is a good way to correspond health checks.
Arson investigations: fire department can test on the scene of the fire suspicious, because the walls, furniture and carpet, chemical fuel droplet splash content can be found under uv light irradiation.
Documents checking: UV fluorescence detection was used to driving license, passport, credit CARDS and other documents for recognition.
Sex crime, child abuse/marriage investigation: sex liquid glow, and fading bruises.
Theft auto detection: reveal illegally the auto parts 3 m fluorescent  of  number on the label  from the vehicle identification as evidence.
Car accident analysis: by displaying the collision odometer pointer from walking traces of fluorescent,judge car walking speed.
Counterfeit identification: using ultraviolet lamp like the world bank, the United States security services department also rely on it.
False fire alarm investigation: fire processing department, school administrators, prison management personnel  mixed imaging powder with mineral oil,smearing under the fire alarm controller.
Ticket to enter (readmit) control:for this application, the visible sign of fluorescent ink and uv lamp  has been used in inspection institution for 40 years, racetrack and entertainment venues, swimming pools and parks need to confirm the access to the site again.
Prevent theft: visible mark using res furtiva prevention has become a simple program.