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Tank007 Explosion-proof Flashlight

Tank007 Explosion-proof Flashlight


Explosion-proof flashlight is different from the ordinary household flashlight. Explosion-proof flashlight is also widely used, explosion-proof flashlight can be used for fire, electricity, industrial and mining enterprises and other flammable and explosive places to provide mobile lighting. Geological exploration, tourism adventure, coastal defense patrol, rescue disaster relief, field operations, airport inspections, archeology and fire command, criminal investigation, traffic accident handling, electricity repair and other lighting needs. Explosion-proof flashlight use of the use of visitors TANK007 brand explosion-proof flashlight manufacturer

Tank007 Explosion-proof flashlight Features

1, The use of imported high-brightness light source LED, energy efficient, A-type effective exposure distance of up to 250 meters or more, explosion-proof, low light can be freely converted.

2, Explosion-proof flashlight with a fully sealed design, waterproof up to 1 meter. Battery with high-capacity environmentally friendly lithium battery, long life, low self-discharge rate.

3, The depth of the shell non-slip treatment, light and beautiful; carry the way in addition to hand-held can also choose the tail lanyard hand or long rope shoulder.

4, Charging, discharge, constant current using intelligent chip control, multiple protection, safe and efficient.

5, The use of chip control, with a constant current output, to prevent overcharge, over discharge, short circuit protection, the battery is fully charged and automatically converted to Juan flow charge.

Anti-riot flashlight with multiple diodes, the color temperature is high. Gives the visual experience is very bright, can be used repeatedly charge the use of handheld lighting tools, it has a power saving, durable, bright and strong for night out, power outage to do emergency lighting use this is his characteristics.

TANK007 brand flashlight product quality commitment:

In order to safeguard the corporate reputation and the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, to ensure that “visitors” brand in the market a good reputation, the enterprise solemn promise:

1, to ensure that all flashlights are made according to international standards, waterproof, drop.

2, all flashlights are military-grade seismic requirements, when living in the outdoor environment, so you away from the ‘shock is not bright, shock’ risk.

3, all flashlights pass the EU high standards of certification, environmental non-toxic, selling the world.

4, all flashlights on the surface is the military Grade-III hard oxidation, wear-resistant scratch is not easy to fade, a lifetime of loyal partners.