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Tank007 Best Police Flashlight

Tank007 Best Police Flashlight


Police flashlight, long-range flashlight as a special use of military and police use, you need to have a wide range of advantages, bright police flashlight is a police equipment, one kind of the important equipment. Flash function can also make criminals in a short period of time temporarily blind dizziness, can play a certain self-defense effect. Police flashlight need have a hard shell, long-range, with impact and other characteristics, such flashlight can be called a high-quality police flashlight, and the best police flashlight also has been oxidized, so as to be waterproof, explosion-proof, seismic, compression and other basic performance.

Best Police flashlight should come with the following main performances:

1, strong light strobe: this function for the defense and attack, when it throws to the human eye, people simply can not open eyes.

2, the use of active lighting, both bright and long lighting time.

3, the use of built-in charger, the appearance of small, easy to carry.

4, Strong light flashlight uses high-frequency oscillation current, high-intensity output current, large-capacity DC discharge, the output capacity is huge.

5, the police flashlight shape is unique, beautifully designed, is good self-defense tool for household, going out, etc.

Aside from basic performances mentioned above, there are many other features we cannot miss, for example, light flashlight are cost-effective, more suitable for military and self-defense, and so on. Here I will recommend TANK007 TC39 police flashlight, not only can be used for military and police use, more suitable for self-defense and outdoor adventure.

TANK007 police strong light flashlight TC39 features:

1. TANK007 best police flashlight TC39 is a high-power LED direct charge flashlight, manufactured in full accordance with the Ministry of Public Security Police flashlight designed from the standard, very suitable for military police, outdoor camping, field search

2. Long-range ability to reach 420 meters distance, thick defense structure, outdoor more at ease

3. Head button switch, easy to operate

4. The core circuit using constant current chip, brightness constant; mode control with memory function of the microcontroller, according to user habits memory commonly used mode

5. tail hidden defense stainless steel cone, you can crush the glass, windows escape and so on