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T6 Rechargeable Flashlights

T6 Rechargeable Flashlights


T6 core, designed up to 886 lumens. Such as overload (up to the current) up to 900-1000 lumens, but the LED will rise quickly because of the temperature rise, that is, life expectancy dropped to reach the design life, premature emergence of the center of yellow aging, brightness Darkening. So need to equip the copper lamp holder, and the maximum brightness need to be controlled in 886 lumens to ensure that the product design life.

Q5 and T6 are CREE lamp beads, but they are different in power. Q5 is 5W, T6 is 10W. Look at the two lamp beads, Q5 small, T6 relatively large, so Q5 long shot good light, T6 flood light is good (T6 bright but according to) with a single Q5 feel no heat, with T6 fever, so use T6 flashlight are relatively large wolf also have a small head, in order to heat. Some small straight on the T6, in fact, the current is not so big (with a long time also hot), that is not reached the actual power

T6 LED is popular in the market. Currently, on the market there are many super bright T6 rechargeable flashlights. The latest ultra-bright T6 LED flashlight can provide more than 1000 lumens, that is, the light source used by LCD overhead projector. Other super bright flashlights may have more LED bulbs installed, and when you choose how many bulbs to open, you can adjust the brightness or dimness of the flashlight. However, in the choice of super bright LED flashlight, you must consider the lumen output, rather than install the number of LED bulbs. An LED bulb can be as bright as ten LED bulbs.

Now, super bright T6 rechargeable flashlights have a great feature is that they mostly use 18650 lithium batteries. LED flashlights with these batteries will also run longer than ordinary incandescent bulbs flashlights. The brightness of the LED flashlight depends on the power output of its energy. The police used a super bright flashlight using about three watts. These police torches are mostly ninety lumens. But at present a lot of police flashlight brightness has reached 200 lumens. Power input and output also determine the time you can use the LED flashlight.