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Nurse Pen Light-Tank007 Popular Pen Flashlight Recommended

Nurse Pen Light-Tank007 Popular Pen Flashlight Recommended


Nurse Pen Light is a kind of medical flashlight. Such kind of flashlight gets the name due to the pen shape of the flashlight. Commonly, nurse pen light is powered by two AAA batteries.

In Tank007, there are three most popular nurse pen light flashlights: PA01, PA02, and PA03, among which, PA02 is the best known one, and the PA03 is the latest one that is released in 2016.

PA01 and PA02 share most features except the former is powered by one AAA battery, but the latter one is powered by two AAA batteries. So, as for running time, PA02 runs longer.

Specs of PA01 and PA02 nurse pen light

LED: OSRAM LED, white &yellow
LED Lifespan: above 50,000 hours
Max Brightness: 90 lumens
Throw Beam: 80 m
Input Voltage: 0.8-3.7V
Output Level: one mode(High) or three modes (High-Med-Low)
Power Source: 1*AAA (PA01), 2*AAA (PA02)
Burn Time: PA01, high light- 0.8hours; Mid light-3hours; low light-15hours
PA02, high light- 1.2hours; Mid light-5hours; low light-25hours
Size(cm): 8.7/12.8 * 1.38*1.5
Weight(g): 26.1 /19.6(excluding batteries)
Switch: tail click switch
Material: made of durable aircraft-grade aluminum T6061
Reflector: High temperature vacuum coated aluminum mirror reflector
Lens: tempering optical lens
Treatment: anodization
Waterproof: IPX-8
Anti dropping height: 1.5 m


PA03 shares similar body with PA02 except the golden ring next to the head. Another difference between the two flashlights is that, PA03 uses Cree XP-G2 with lifespan over 100,000 hours. Other features are similar. For more details, go to:

If you believe that a nurse pen light flashlight is only for medical use, you are wrong, I am afraid. The portable pen flashlight can also be an outdoor lighting tool, for example, if you go out for camping, you can bring the flashlight with you. With special diffusers, the flashlight can be used for different purposes, for example, with red diffuser; the flashlight can be a signal light.