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Strong torch is a good assistant of people

Strong torch is a good assistant of people


Strong torch is a good assistant of the people who go out early and come back at dusk. Because the weather is getting hotter and hotter with the summer coming, the clothes of girl’s become less and less. How to strengthen the self prevention becomes the compulsory subject of every female, that is why that some women’s self-defense items is selling up on the Internet. According to the related experiment, the strong torch is the best self-defense tool of female.

Women can take the strong torch in their hands when they get an evening walk, on the one hand, the strong torch can be used for lighting ,on the other hand, in case meet suspicious person, women can use the strong light to his eyes, strive to the escape time. When the torch light to the eyes, the eyes will be at least 6 to 7 seconds in a state of “blind”, women can use the short time to escape. What is more, if the suspect has been close to, women can use the front sharp part of the torch, stamp to the suspect’s waist, the strength is enough to scare off suspect with the pain.

The superior performance of the strong torch:

  1. More than 200 meters irradiation distance
  2. Rechargeable strong torch
  3. Aluminum alloy, resistance to hit, anti-broken, can be used as self-defense tool in the dark.
  4. Use LED is very environmental protection, light source life is long to 100000 hours.


If you are the people who often come back late or do work at night, there is no doubt that the strong torch is your ideal choice. They will give you a helping hand in the critical moment, protecting you from the infringement, or help you have a better perform in the jobs and tasks. If the units use the strong torch, the wholesale price is very favorable for a large number of products for buyers.