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Power bank flashlight

Power bank flashlight


Today, I’d like to show TANK007 powerful power bank flashlight for you, it’s amazing and interesting,you will like it:

  1. UC20 is a high power rechargeable LED flashlight with USB input and output ports, up to 1000 lumens, scientificdesign, which is very suitable for police, outdoor camping, searching, etc..
  2. Solid and strong, qualitative feeling; specially added attackhead can be used in defensive circumstances.
  3. Hidden charging ports; unscrew the head part till the charging ports show out, rotating back when charging finished. This can protect the flashlight from water
  4. Charging ports adopt micro USB port, can connect 5V USB output charging ports like PC. Convenient to use.
  5. The flashlight is designed with an USB output port, which can be used as a powerbank to charge cell phone, iPad and other digital products.
  6. Metal clickswitch in the middle, can be conveniently handled by one hand
  7. Tail strap holdis full of personality and can stable tail standing for lighting.
  8. The core circuit applies constant-current chip which can ensure the brightness; Modes use singleclip which has memory function and can remember the commonly used mode. The circuit uses reverse polarity protection, to protect from improper battery installation.