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Small tips of flashlight, strong light flashlight

Small tips of flashlight, strong light flashlight


The bugs perk up when the summer is around the corner and weather is getting warmer. Some winged insects, especially mosquitoes and moths, are easily to get into people’s ears. Don’t pick your ear if the bugs in, the bugs will crawl in the ear canal if you touch the ear canal or auricle constantly which will increase the pain.

Let the bugs out of the ear canal itself by its phototropism. For example, shine the external auditory canal with the flashlight in the dark, the bugs would climb out after seeing the light; the bugs can also be driven out by smoke, blow the cigarette smoke, choke them out. If those still don’t work, you can lie on the side with the ear with the bugs in on, then drop a few oil into the ear to stick the bugs, kill them and drown them. The bugs would stop struggling and creeping in the ear, that would reduce the pain greatly, then wash the bugs out with clean water. And of course, the most important is to see the doctor in the nearest hospital if needed.