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Environmental friendly new energy solar flashlight

Environmental friendly new energy solar flashlight


Most energy human needs directly or indirectly come from the sun. Plants release oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide through photosynthesis, convert solar energy into chemical energy, then store them in the plant. Coal, oil, gas etc are made of animals and plants which are buried long time in the ground. Earth energy means heating inside the earth and energy related to the nuclear reaction. “The main energy human use is no longer the coal, oil or gas, it is solar energy”, Hejun Lee said, “It will be a chance for China to develop new energy industry especially the solar flashlight.”

《China is one step ahead》overview the revolution trend of global new energy, summarize the lesson of Europe, USA, Japan and Korea, combine the over 30 years’ history of “made in China” and development of Chinese solar flashlight, fully discuss what strategy, policy and measures China should take from theory and practice, ideas and thinking, economy and society, industry and enterprise, current and future angles, then make a world-leading decision.

Solar flashlight converts the sunlight into electricity; using the sunlight to heat the water and generate the electricity by the heating water. Solar energy is clean and environmental friendly, high use value, no longer shortage, kinds of advantages makes its irreplaceable status.

Solar energy is primary energy and also renewable energy. It’s rich, free to use, no need to transport, environmental friendly. Solar flashlight will be a trend in the flashlight industry.