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Performance characteristics of rechargeable led flashlight

Performance characteristics of rechargeable led flashlight


Performance characteristics of rechargeable led flashlight:

1. The flashlight light source adopts the fourth-generation solid-state imported LED, which has high brightness. The effective irradiation distance of type A can reach 130 meters, and the visible distance of signal flicker can reach more than 6000 meters.

2, led flashlight waterproof up to 1 meter, the battery uses high-capacity environmentally friendly lithium battery, long life, low self-discharge rate.

3. The intelligent switch can control the light to turn on and off, and press and hold the switch for 2 seconds to switch to the signal flashing function.

4. Optional cap buckle can lock the flashlight quickly and firmly on the helmet to achieve any angle.

5, led flashlight tail with a lanyard, can be handcuffed and carried in the pocket.

6, charging, discharging, constant current using chip control, multiple protection, safe and efficient.

The following is a brief introduction to the performance characteristics of rechargeable led flashlights from the light bulb, light cup, flashlight mode, material, power supply:

Flashlight bead:

All are LED lamp beads, which are imported and domestically produced. The basic imported is CREE lamp beads. CREE-t6, CREE-Q5 and CREE-XPE are popular in the market. The domestically produced lamps are mainly lamp beads and straw hats. The price of a rechargeable led flashlight is also largely determined by his lamp beads. After all, the light source is the soul and root of a led flashlight.

Flashlight light cup:

Different flashlights have different ranges, and large and shallow cups are flooded and very wide. In terms of materials, there are aluminum light cups and plastic light cups. The aluminum light cups are expensive, the cup walls are smoother and the range is farther. There are also light cups with orange peel on the inner wall, and the inner wall is rough. Many rechargeable LED flashlights will be used. There is a very basic common sense here. Not all rechargeable led flashlights must have a light cup. A flashlight with a light cup can’t be adjusted. The fixed focus, the flashlight without a light cup can be adjusted.

Led flashlight mode:

The general flashlight mode is first gear, third gear, and fifth gear. Low light, low light, rechargeable led, fast flash, SOS help mode. Different gear positions can be applied to different flashlight environments, which makes the rechargeable led flashlight smarter and more convenient for people. This is also a feature of rechargeable led flashlights. Of course, the more gears, the higher the price. In addition, some flashlights can also be adjusted. It is said that there is no light cup to adjust the focus. It is used to spread the light source through the head lens, and then it can be concentrated or astigmatized by the dimming device, which is very user-friendly and zooming. The current flashlights are mainly two modes of rotary dimming and telescopic dimming.

Flashlight material:

The rechargeable led flashlight was first used in outdoor and military flashlights, so the material selection is high-strength aviation aluminum alloy material, so that the flashlight can adapt to various harsh lighting environments, so that the rechargeable led flashlight is superior to other mobile flashlight lamps.

Flashlight battery:

With a large-capacity rechargeable lithium battery, the battery is environmentally friendly and can be recycled. According to the size of the flashlight, lithium batteries have a variety of specifications: 18650 batteries, 26650 batteries, 14500 batteries, 16340 batteries, etc., the market is used up to 18650 batteries. The capacity of the battery has always been a concern of consumers. They all hope that the battery will last for a long time. Don’t lose power at once. The lithium batteries in the market are mixed, and some have to be dozens of hundreds, some as long as a few. A lot of capacity is also a virtual standard, which does not reach this level at all. Basically, it is also a penny. We use our own brand of battery, can continue flashlight for more than 3 hours under rechargeable led, basically can meet the power supply demand, the price is also very reasonable, and never use low-quality batteries to deceive consumers in order to reduce costs.