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Important factors in rechargeable led flashlight

Important factors in rechargeable led flashlight


TANK007 US CREE advanced rechargeable led, rechargeable led flashlight is a new led flashlight with LED (light-emitting diode) as the light source. Because the rechargeable led flashlight has the characteristics of high brightness, low power consumption, long life and small size, it is an ideal choice for portable lighting.

Important factors in rechargeable led flashlight

1. The choice of quality of led flashlight is a very important factor. Outdoor lighting designers must consider the outdoor led flashlight working environment. The outdoor rechargeable ledled flashlight design is different from indoor lighting fixtures. high.

2. Different led rechargeable LED flashlight processes will have a considerable impact on the quality of the product. The heat dissipation has air convection heat dissipation, strong wind cooling heat dissipation and heat pipe heat dissipation. Jet cooling cooling is also a kind of heat pipe cooling, but the structure is more More complicated. The outer casing and the heat sink are designed to be integrated to solve the heating problem of the led flashlight. This method is better, generally aluminum or aluminum alloy, copper or copper alloy, and other alloys with good heat conductivity are generally used.

3. Therefore, at the end of the consideration, outdoor explosion-proof flashlight lighting designers should consider the influence of these external environmental factors on the LED flashlight lighting when designing. The rechargeable led outdoor lighting fixture is more complicated due to the working environment, subject to temperature, ultraviolet light and humidity. The effects of natural conditions such as rain, dust, and chemical gases in rainy weather will lead to serious problems of rechargeable led light decay. It is afraid of heat, the higher the temperature, the shorter the life of the rechargeable led, the lower the temperature, the longer the life of the rechargeable led.

4. Rechargeable led is gradually deepening from the initial display stage to the lighting application stage. Whether in the international market or the domestic market, the rechargeable led has begun to enter the commercial lighting or the departmental home lighting market, showing a good development momentum. Outdoor led flashlight lamps should pay attention to the choice of heat dissipation materials. It is important to design a suitable LED flashlight radiator. The design of the radiator has the following parts, and research on the design of outdoor led flashlight radiators.