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Multi-function flashlight for car

Multi-function flashlight for car


Multi-function flashlight for car

What functions do you think a multi-function flashlight should have? Here is a list for you to refer:

1. USB charging and output
Multi-function flashlight configuration is relatively simple, flashlight main body, a usb charging line, either as input, can also be used as output

2.Power input / output port
Flashlight body with a 120mAh lithium battery, lithium batteries can be done very small, such a large flashlight is big enough to put a 2000mAh battery, power input port is micro usb interface, the output, which is just said some tasteless, is the traditional USB interface. The interface has waterproof rubber protection

3.Safety hammer
Safety hammer is one of the key features, focusing on the window cannot open when the broken window. Remember to hit the corners of the window.

Some safety hammer comes rubber protective cover, to prevent the bumps scratch the body. You do not need pull out the rubber sleeve when you need to break the window.

4. Emergency blast
This is also one of the important emergency functions of the multi-function flashlight. When the flash is turned on, the flashlight will emit red light and flashes continuously. The ability of red light penetration will be stronger, with haze and night, To prevent the occurrence of a second car accident. Some flashlights do not have red light LED, but you can choose red diffuser.

5.Emergency blade
Emergency blade is mainly used in emergency situations, such as car accidents and other conditions, the driver or the passengers cannot open the seat belt, cut the belt.

6. Powerful magnets
The purpose of the magnet is to absorb the roof, be fixed when turn on the emergency flash, fairly thoughtful.

In general, the multi-purpose car flashlight, mainly for the emergency function, safety hammer, seat belt cutter, emergency flashing, etc., the other is the auxiliary function of difference, of course, these features can also be found Daily substitutes, but sometimes the car prepared more things, but when the need is not easy to find a car owners should be a versatile safety flashlight.

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