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1000m long range led flashlight

1000m long range led flashlight


Need a super powerful 1000m long range led flashlight? Here, Tank007 would like to give you some advices.

Firstly, the LED. The LED is the most important part in the flashlight; a good LED determines the flashlight’s lifespan. So, you’d better get flashlight with reliable LED as lighting source. In the market, Cree LED is one of the most reliable LEDs, you can consider that if your budget permits. 1000m long range LED flashlight should include high power LED, if the LED is not reliable, the flashlight will get broken soon since heat can ruin the LED easily.

Brightness. The amount of lumens in a flashlight determines its maximum brightness. A good option for obtaining ideal luminosity in devices used around the house or workplace is 500-1000 lumens. One thing to consider about high power flashlights is they can also be used for personal safety. To inflict temporary blindness in a person requires a minimum of 80 lumens.

Modes. Some led flashlights have three modes, while some have five modes. Different lighting levels are made for different uses, the more the better. At lease, you should get a flashlight with three modes: high, low, strobe.

Material. Aluminum alloy is most popular material in the flashlight industry. The advantages of aluminum alloy are that it is light and durable, so, now, most middle- and high- end flashlights use aluminum alloy as body material.

Wateproof. An outdoor flashlight must be waterproof, let alone the 1000m long range led flashlight. High power flashlight s most used outside, so, be waterproof is important when it rains.

So, the four points above are our suggestions for you to choose 1000m long range led flashlight. Hope they are helpful to you.