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Mistakes when Using A New Lithium Battery for Strong Flashlight

Mistakes when Using A New Lithium Battery for Strong Flashlight


To the new strong flashlight users, there may be some mistakes when using the new lithium batteries. Here, I will walk you through the most common mistakes.

No.1: “exhausted, fully charged”

Admittedly, flashlight lithium batteries have memory effect, but its memory effect is minimal, and even the manufacturer ignore this memory effect. However, in actual use, you might find that time lithium battery life will become shorter. Why does this happen? In fact, the lithium battery uses an active substance which ages over time.


Generally speaking, lithium battery for the strong flashlight can be charger and discharged 300 to 500 times. The natural loss of battery reduces the life significantly. And frequently charging and discharging speed up the aging process.


So in normal use, we do not need to follow the “exhausting, fully charging” principles.


No.2: The new lithium batteries need to be activated by three full charges and discharges, and the first charge need to be 10 hours or more.

When we buy led flashlight, we are often told to fully charge and discharge the battery to activate the battery so as to ensure the efficiency of the battery. But in fact, the activation process is finished in the factory before they go to the market, for there is a certain amount of power in the battery.


In addition, the activation process should be completed without “overcharge” protection circuit. But the current lithium battery has its own protection circuit internal, and chargers also have “over-charge” protection circuit. So, we cannot activate the lithium battery ourselves according to the method told by the sellers.


Under normal circumstances, when the charge lamp turns off, it means the battery reject further charge, even plug again can not charge the battery anymore. Therefore, ten hours’ charge or more is not necessary to activate a lithium battery. But a full charge is necessary before you use the battery for the activity decreases over time.