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What is HID and HID Flashlight

What is HID and HID Flashlight


HID successfully developed in 1986, and officially released in 1997. Now, HID is a basic part in BMW, BENZ, AUDI, LEXUS, and more cars.


How HID Works

In a quartz tube filled with a variety of chemical gases, among which the majority are Xenon ,iodide and some other inert gases. The electricity added to the two electrodes are increased from 12 volts to 23,000 volts so to make the Xenon electrons drift and generate light source. This is called Gas Discharge. The super bright arc light generated by Xenon has similar color temperature to daylight. The working current for HID is only 3.5A, but the brightness is 3.5 times of traditional halogen bulbs, the life span is 11 times of the latter.


Xenon lamps have a strong irradiation power. To use such lights, some guides we need to note.


A. Do not shoot a the light to anyone’s eyes and avoid direct viewing light from the flashlight, so as not to hurt eyes.


B Please charge the battery is fully before using the flashlight; keep the flashlight away from combustible or explosive materials.


C. When put the flashlight into the travelling bag or similar bags, do not give any chance to other objects to touch the switch accidently, in case of switch on the flashlight to result in hurt.


D. After the flashlight is on about 30 seconds, the brightness is the best; this is the feature of HID. If you want to turn modes, the obvious effect comes after 30 seconds as well.


E. When using the car charger (car charger input), you need to start the engine the battery to fully charge the battery.


F. The surface temperature on the flashlight will become a little high if the temperature of the surroundings or the flashlight has been in use for a long time. This is normal, and when this happens, do not touch the light cup with your hand in case of scald.


Compared with common LED flashlight, HID strong flashlight may cause serous hurt to the user, so, do remember the right ways to use such flashlights.