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Led rechargeable flashlight maintenance precautions

Led rechargeable flashlight maintenance precautions


Led rechargeable flashlight maintenance precautions
1. Wipe dry with a soft cloth immediately after using the led rechargeable flashlight to prevent infiltration during rain or snow or moisture and sweat. Otherwise, the coating of the flashlight is easy to fall off or rust.
2. Do not put the led flashlight on the hot shovel or next to the stove, but also avoid the soot steaming, otherwise the led flashlight is prone to run.
3. When moving the flashlight switch, the force must be light and even to maintain the elasticity of the spring.
4. When the bottom cover is on the light flashlight, loosen or remove the battery when it is extinguished, so that the bottom cover will not break the bottom of the battery and flow out of the slurry.
5. If the silver-plated stain of the return bowl affects the reflection of light, it can be wiped off with clean cotton and cannot be manipulated by hand.
6. When the led rechargeable flashlight is equipped with a battery, it must be loaded with the paper sleeve, otherwise it is the easiest to run. After using the new battery for a period of time, you can change the position to extend the battery life.
7. The general flashlight battery stops emitting light at minus 20 degrees, so keep warm during the cold season.
8. When the led rechargeable flashlight is not in use, don’t always expose to the sun, don’t slam back and forth when you don’t need it!

Led rechargeable flashlight use precautions
1. Do not expose the led flashlight directly to the eyes. Strong light will cause permanent damage to the eyes.
2. The lamp holder must not be disassembled to avoid damage to the reflector or lamp.
3. When the led flashlight of the flashlight cannot maintain high brightness, please replace the flashlight battery when charging to avoid damage to the battery caused by overdischarge.