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How to choose the brightness led rechargeable tactical flashlight

How to choose the brightness led rechargeable tactical flashlight


The current led rechargeable tactical flashlight has clearly become a hot item for us to release pressure, broaden our horizons and get close to nature. Then we have a choice of active equipment for the led rechargeable flashlight. Of course, the led rechargeable tactical flashlight is a tool that we have to prepare in the LED rechargeable tactical flashlight. How to choose, often depends on whether we need to work for use or led rechargeable use, work use ultra-bright and long-range lighting, led rechargeable use waterproof performance, walking requires long battery life. So how do we choose a rechargeable tactical flashlight?

Let’s discuss how to choose the brightness led rechargeable flashlight according to commonality:

1. High stability

Led rechargeable tactical flashlight requirements for lighting tactical flashlights are “ready-to-use”, poorly tunable lighting tactical flashlights, which are dangerous to use at critical times, and the most serious can be life-threatening. Therefore, high stability is the most important principle for selecting a tactical flashlight for LED rechargeable tactical flashlights.

2. Good waterproof performance

In the special situation of the led rechargeable tactical flashlight will encounter, there will be weather in the storm. When we choose the LED rechargeable lighting tactical flashlight, the first problem to be solved is windproof and waterproof. The reassuring waterproof standard is of course IPX-8. Soaking in shallow water (generally within 2 meters) can be used normally. Rain is no longer a problem, from a certain point of view, waterproof is also a chargeable stability of led.

3. Compact and lightweight

Led rechargeable tactical flashlight should be as small as possible, light weight, easy to carry out, save physical strength, the general personal home lighting tactical flashlight is best controlled within 100g. Of course, the rechargeable led rechargeable flashlight requires more expense in terms of weight and volume.

4. Power saving

It is impossible to carry a large number of batteries when the led rechargeable tactical flashlight is used, so try to use a high-efficiency flashlight to ensure sufficient brightness and long cruising time. It is best to have a tactical flashlight that can be adjusted. It can be used for different tens of hours in low-lighting according to the situation. It can be used for more than one week of continuous nightly lighting under special circumstances.

5 . High brightness

Led rechargeable tactical flashlight environment is complex, what kind of situation will appear, when you need high-brightness lighting, it is very dangerous to clearly see the front of the flashlight but not enough. Therefore, a high-brightness flashlight is an essential lighting tool, especially for the exploration of unfamiliar road segments. The maximum brightness of the flashlight is preferably more than 100 lumens.

6. Multiple dimming

The emergence of multi-level dimming technology finally made the brightness and battery life of the fish and bear’s paw appear on the same flashlight. You can choose the most appropriate brightness for different purposes such as camping, hiking, search, etc., while saving valuable electrical energy. At the same time, multi-level dimming technology has also derived a number of auxiliary functions, such as SOS distress signal, when the danger is met, you can send a Moss password to ask for help.

7. Constant brightness

While the flashlight is working, the battery will also become lower and lower with the energy consumption voltage, and the brightness of the conventional flashlight will also decrease, and the lighting effect will gradually deteriorate. When the brightness of the flashlight drops to a certain level, it is unable to provide suitable illumination. Only replace the battery, and at this time, the battery often has half the power, and this part of the power is wasted. The emergence of constant brightness technology solves this problem. Constant light energy ignores the change of battery voltage and provides almost constant brightness for most of the time, which not only improves the lighting effect, but also makes full use of every drop of electric energy of the battery. , better achieved the effect of energy saving.

8. The battery is easy to access

The LED rechargeable rechargeable flashlight is best to use ordinary batteries. It is not required to be used. It can be purchased all over the world, even in the small village stores. In most cases, the ideal battery with this characteristic is the AA battery.