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LED lamp lens design knowledge decomposition

LED lamp lens design knowledge decomposition


On the market of LED lamp lens change rapidly, different places and different customer need optical effect also vary widely, therefore welcome the challenge of LED lamp lens design. How to design a high light transmittance, high grade, low-cost lens has become one of the main research fields of LED to shoot the light with the light.

It is well known that the LED lamp product replacement fast jaw-dropping. The development of the LED lamp lens is by leaps and bounds. But on the whole, the most attention on the market or the visual effect and the whole lighting effect of lamps and lanterns, therefore the design of the lens to meet the needs of three aspects: one is the lens shape novelty; Second, the lens of effective transmittance; 3 it is lens with lamps and lanterns of visual effect. According to the above three requirements, common lens design on the market basically has the following three types:

The first lens wall surface USES the free-form surface design, nearly smooth compound eyes, a light Angle is adjustable, 250-600, generally use PC material, can be used for the biggest smooth 14 mm diameter COB light source to shoot the light, up to a maximum of 94% of its optical transmittance effectively.

The second lens using external face to face with scales, and the smooth center design of compound eye. A third lens using external free-form surface, nearly smooth, smooth compound eyes surface design.

The second and third lens generally use PC material, high temperature resistance, light source can be used patch light modularization or COB light, the light Angle is adjustable, 300-600, the light evenly. Exterior, modularization patch light source can be compound eyes surface scattered, visual class COB, expand the selectivity of the light source.

Moreover, with the market demand of high-end and lamps and lanterns manufacturer cost consideration, a lens with many lighting design, and LED lens to focus on the main points of the stylist. Compound eyes and external scales reasonable choice on lamp lens, not only can make the lamps and lanterns MeiGuanHua overall visual effect, and can effectively solve the different light source matching lens design problems frequently, more lamps and lanterns manufacturer to save a lot of time to design, can effectively shorten the development time of lamps and lanterns.

Thus, LED lighting lamps and lanterns of lens design has been gradually to the beautiful sex and the common direction, how to improve the effective transmittance of directional lamp lens, light uniformity, the common design will become mainstream.