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LED lamp bead common problems and solutions

LED lamp bead common problems and solutions


LED lamp bead common problems and solutions

1, are the problems caused by power supply not normal:

01. Check the power supply power supply have a normal job, designator light had lit up, if there is no light up, please check the power supply have good connection;

02. Check to see if the lamp bead wire with power supply anode connection is good, is there a reverse phase, if you have the above problem, please correct connection.

2, LED lamp bead to the requirement of voltage:

Nominal 3 v LED lamp bead, in fact, different color also have different requirements for electric current, the current minimum yellow color requirement, in turn, is red, green, white and blue. The current is too large, can make the wick burned.

Use 2.4 V rechargeable batteries, yellow color easy burning, because even if the voltage is not big, but the current is too large, will still be burnt at random.

At the time of use button batteries, because although button battery voltage is 3 v, but because the button battery discharge current is very small, so the 3 v LED lamp bead will not be burned. Therefore, in the use of LED lamp bead, should choose the appropriate power supply, pay attention to the voltage, and current.

Selection of power supply, if do not conform to the requirements of the rating of the LED lamp bead, the need to improve the circuit, common with resistance!

3, how to braid LED lamp bead light color:

Without electricity, if to choose convenient when buy, Suggestions for a 3 v button battery, in with the batteries when choosing what easy to check out the LED light.

4, the cause of the high power LED lamp bead burn:

01, fluctuation two filament, we in the industry is called gold, pure gold, be conductive to use, two positive and two negative, really good product will have the fifth wire, welding on the zener, the protective

02, shorter filament is already very clear tell you, you the lamp has been burned large current, the equivalent circuit

03, 1 w high power of drive current about 350 ma, the working voltage between 3.2 3.6 V, please it is important to note that when using large current will burn the light

04, typically three 1 w lights aluminum plates are driven around 12 v, there are few direct use 220 v, the less you and see if it is a constant current source or a less driving power supply 12 v?

5, LED lights, yellow reason:

LED WaiFeng yellow glue reason mostly caused by epoxy resin and curing agent does not match, but also can’t rule out WaiFeng glue baking time is too long.

Solution: buy complete WaiFeng adhesive and curing agent, such as Shanghai fine chemical model 800 or 2339 glue will not appear the following situation, the other pays attention to the production control, strictly according to the work instruction operation, to avoid the lack of baking time is too long, or, the situation is very good control.

6, LED lights, the reasons of the leakage:

Process equipment off ground, staff did not wear electrostatic ring (must be a rope). Caused by improper electrostatic protection. And encapsulation process, welding wire welding partial PAD, the potential quality problem is the chip itself.

7, LED lamp bead should be is a question of capacity, perceptual load:

In fact neither, LED lamp bead is a diode, it needs a positive conduction voltage can work, usually 2-3.5 V, in addition, the current size can control the brightness of the LED lamp bead. Also said LED lamp bead just to transform electricity to light energy.

Eight, LED lamp bead light failure reason:

A: iron stent poor thermal conductivity.

2: yellowing epoxy resin.

Three: chip and contact close enough.

4: chip attenuation.