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How to choose a UV flashlight?

How to choose a UV flashlight?


There are many flashlight UV lamps on the market, how to choose? First of all, we have to determine “what are we using UV flashlights for?” If it is used in daily life, such as currency inspection (RMB), fishing, scorpion catching, many stores will have 395nm flashlight ultraviolet lamps; used to identify antiques , such as: jade, amber, foreign currency, etc., and anti-counterfeiting identification can use a general flashlight ultraviolet lamp with a wavelength of 365nm; but if it is used for industrial non-destructive testing, degreasing cleaning inspection, laboratory observation, fluorescent leakage detection, criminal police forensic To check, you need to use a professional 365nm flashlight UV lamp.

  1. To choose an industrial flashlight UV lamp, it is necessary to compare the performance (ultraviolet intensity, irradiation area, practicality)
UV flashlight manufacturer
UV flashlight manufacturer

Shenzhen Guangzhongdao Electronics Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of ultraviolet lamps. The LED lamp beads for the ultraviolet rays of the flashlight use a famous LED chip manufacturer. By changing the combination of optical lenses and filters, the ultraviolet intensity and irradiation area of the ultraviolet lamp of the flashlight are changed (some manufacturers use changes. The layout of the LED lamp and the size of the working current can be changed), UVC31-ND is a portable industrial-grade ultraviolet flashlight specially developed for non-destructive testing (NDT) industries such as fluorescent magnetic particle inspection and fluorescent penetrant inspection. When measuring the price, you can use a UV light meter to measure the intensity and irradiated area of the flashlight’s UV lamp under the same situation, and you will know which flashlight’s UV lamp has good performance and high cost performance.

Industrial UV Flashlight_led UV Flashlight

Second, when choosing a UV flashlight, you can consider the following factors:

Wavelength: UV flashlights are usually divided into three types: UVA, UVB and UVC, with different wavelength ranges. UVA has a longer wavelength and is suitable for detecting impurities, fluorescent agents, etc.; UVB has a shorter wavelength and can be used to detect counterfeit banknotes, documents, dust mites, etc.; and UVC has the shortest wavelength and has a certain bactericidal effect on bacteria and viruses. Choose the right wavelength according to your needs.

Brightness and Angle: The higher the brightness, the farther the illumination distance will be, but the battery life will be shortened accordingly. The larger the angle, the wider the irradiation area, which is suitable for a wide range of detection work.

UV flashlight_ultraviolet nondestructive testing lamp

Quality and durability: Choose a brand with good quality, which has good durability and stability, and can meet the needs of long-term use.

Regarding the effect of the UV flashlight, it is mainly used to detect fluorescent substances, impurities, counterfeit banknotes, documents, etc. When irradiated with ultraviolet light, these substances emit special fluorescent reactions, which help you detect and identify them. Different wavelengths of ultraviolet flashlights will have different detection effects on different substances. Therefore, it is necessary to select the appropriate wavelength and power ultraviolet flashlight according to the specific needs when using it to obtain the best detection effect.