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Floodlight vs.spotlight of riding light TK737

Floodlight vs.spotlight of riding light TK737


The difference between floodlight and spotlight of riding light TK737. The first impression of Tank007’s TK737 is that the flashlight is very brightness. The TK737 is a energy saving one, which makes the runtime much longer, so it’s very suitable to the night riding. TK737 is a zoomable flashlight, which can focus and spot the light. Now let us simply explain the difference between floodlight and spotlight.

The Floodlight makes a light that is highly diffuse, non directional and  non-shape. So that the shadow is soft and transparent, when used for lighting, the speed of the light reducing is much slower than the spotlight. Even the lighting weakened of some floodlights are very slow, which looks like a does not generate shadow light. The spotlight projecting beam orientation, clear boundary, a specific area light. The floodlight is mainly used to produce the telescopic zoomable light or rotary zoomable light in the market of power light flashlight.

The spotlight we actually said is the center spot of the flashlight, shine brighter, Strehl intensity is high and the edge of low brightness, which is now more popular flashlight. For example, the TK737 we are now using can spot light and flood light.