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Introduction of riding lights lighting

Introduction of riding lights lighting


The light of riding flashlight is emited through the reflector , according to the characteristics of the different using of the flashlight will use different reflector, thus the reflector is the soul of the flashlight(The riding flashlights of TANK007 adopt new aluminum alloy reflective orange cover which is reflective uniform and no polarizing). Generally, it can be divided to three types:

First type: scattering type, the characteristic is: scattering the light to the fixed area, usually suitable for big work lamp.

Second type: spot and flood light, this light is suitable for riding. We know that when riding at night, the visible sight generally in the range of 20-40 meters, the spot and flood light exactly meets this characteristic. It can make the limited light focused on the middle section of the main road, meanwhile distributes part of light to the side of the road. So that we can have a sight out of the focused light area, which will make us feel very comfortable in riding.

The last type: the whole focus type. This lamp is mainly used in the field of police and tactical. The characteristic is can make all the light concentrated to a very bright light, so that it can shine far away (100-200 meters, or even farther). But this light is not suitable for riding, it will form a relatively small and very bright halo over about 30 meters, there is no enough light out of the beam, so that we can not have a knowledge of the road in advance when we are riding.