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The first torch- “A short light”

The first torch- “A short light”


Nowadays flashlight is made up of battery, bulb, reflector and body, flashlight showed after the battery and bulb invented.

Flashlight is a daily necessity since we are young, we’re familiar with this tool, but many people may don’t know the invention of the flashlight, I will talk a little bit about the invention here: a man named Conrad Hubert immigrant to work in US from Russia after the bulb was invented by Edison. Hubert went home after work at night in 1938, he met a friend who showed him a special flower-the flower shines in the dark. Hubert was fascinated by it, he finally knew the reason after his friend explained to him-there’s a battery and a bulb in the flowerpot , the flower got gorgeous with the shine of the flashlight with charged.

Hubert thought about the “energized flowerpot” when got back home, Hubert fasten the battery and the bulb, covered the battery with a body after one night’s research, then, a “mobile flashlight” showed up. The flashlight can only last for short time since the battery’s voltage is not that large. So, Hubert named his “mobile flashlight” with “flashlight”, means “a short light”, this is the first flashlight.

Led replace the old little bulb with the development of the times and technology, flashlight with longer battery life showed up. Lighting is not the only function of the flashlight, like self defensive, warning and money identify and so on. Flashlight appearance is not all cylindrical, more delicate and fantastic appearances are produced to meet people’s requirements.