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Don’t forget to take torch when walking in the night

Don’t forget to take torch when walking in the night


Although most places in the city are equipped with streetlight, there are always some places without the streetlight. Countryside doesn’t have so many streetlights like the city, so we’d better take torches, which would help us a lot.

We sometimes need to get out in the night because of work and life. We got suffered by those car lights, which threaten our lives all the time.

I was out in the night days ago, there were no sidewalk or streetlight for hundreds meters. There were some puddles, with some machines don’t use for long time along the street, and the burning briquettes of the hotel etc. I sang the “The Red Lantern” with flashlight on hand, a snow white car drove close with car light on in the corner of a puddles. I couldn’t see anything, my mind went blank, and I couldn’t stand. I was afraid to fall in the puddles, or knock the machine along the road, or even fall under the car! I was reminded by the lyric of the Beijing opera, I shined to the car with the torch like the singer: Tiemei Li, the big car light was off suddenly, only with the small car light on, my mind finally came back to me, and I could stand. The car drove away slowly. I kept going, I finally find a way to protect myself walking in the night with cars: take a torch with you, shine the car back!

Civilization is built by us, but civilization is so pale when conscience was abandoned. Anyway, it’s good to take a torch walking in the night!