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Is Your Facial Mask Safe

Is Your Facial Mask Safe


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Facial mask is an important skin-care product, but, do you know whether your facial mask is safe? Here, this article will show you some tips about facial mask.

Facial mask to the majority of our female friends is indispensable in daily life, there are many types of masks, different types have different functional roles. Facial mask is very helpful, but will they do harm to our body? Many facial masks, in order to get better effect, are added to some hazardous substances which are harmful to human body, among such substances, fluorescent agents is often found in the facial mask.

What is a fluorescent agent? It is the material that looks very white, kind of complex organic compound which can bring whitening effect, a white dye. Many people may not know the dangers of a fluorescent agent, said here, phosphor silicate zinc, cadmium sulfide, fluorescent yellow, Morin and other substances if people taking excess exposure will greatly decrease human immune ability, if mixed with wound outer protein binding impede wound healing, but also in addition to the body’s blood system damage, hemolysis phenomenon.

How to detect whether a mask containing fluorescent agents?

In fact, to detect whether a mask containing a fluorescent agent, it is very simple, take TANK007 flashlight illuminate the mask , you can know that there if the mask contains a fluorescent agent, it would irradiates under 365nm violet flashlight, if the mask appear blue in violet irradiation, indicating containing fluorescent agent, if there is no color display, indicating that does not contain a fluorescent agent! That Does not contain a fluorescent agent mask is a good mask!


UV flashlight can only help you detect fluorescent agent. But everything has a standard degree, or rather, the amount of the fluorescent agents under a certain value is safe to human. So, do not be too worried it the facial mask contain little fluorescent agents. But do remember, the less the facial mask contains fluorescent agents, the safer.