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Different Flashlights for Fishing At Night

Different Flashlights for Fishing At Night



Do you love fishing at night? Do you know what flashlight is best for fishing at night? If not, here, this article will tell you what kind of flashlights are good for fishing at night.

According to the effect of the night fishing flashlight’s, in the market, such flashlights’ lamp can be roughly divided into the following types.
1. The traditional halogen beads;

2 xenon lamp beads;

3 ordinary LED lamp beads. .;

4 special LED lamp beads; these types of lamp beads indeed have their own characteristics:

  • Halogen lamp emits yellow light, the higher the power is, the more intense the light would be. In contrast, the principle of this night fishing lamp is to light the fish with the bright light.
  • But the disadvantages are also obvious, long time use will make the lamp rather heat even burnt, so, people need to bring several lamps.. Low light is too dim to see fish clear, too bright can hurt  eye and is likely to cause interference to others.
  • Xenon lamp beads are most refitted by night fishing enthusiasts, and use large-capacity batteries as a power source. This night fishing lamp features high brightness, long range, discharge time is long, life is relatively long. Like halogen lamp, this kind of lamp uses bright light to find fish. The disadvantage is the bulky body, and effect depends on the brightness.
  • Common LED light color is whiter compared to halogen lamp . As a cold light source, LED is widely applied in various fields, the advantages include high brightness, low heat, low power consumption, good stability, long life.

Professional night fishing flashlights use blue light or purple light LEDs. Different from the above lamps, such light can easy find the fluorescent powers on the fish’s tail. The advantage of such lights is that Do not need to be too bright.

Though uv light is good for fishing, it is harm to human. UV light features the shortest wavelength and the strongest light transmittance, is the most harmful organism light. Excessive exposure to the human body will have serious consequences for cancer.

Because of the shortcomings of the above lights exist, the blue light has a unique advantage to become the most professional choice for night fishing lights! On the one hand, Blu-ray, there will be harmless to human adverse effects; first, the blue light on the reflective effect floats behind purple, blue fluorescence reflection effect is obvious, neither too strong, it will not reflective too weak to even reach enough to see floats requirements.