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To detect fluorescent agent with Tank007 ultraviolet flashlight

To detect fluorescent agent with Tank007 ultraviolet flashlight


Tank007 UV flashlight to detect fluorescent agent, protecting the baby’s safety and health. Baby with toilet paper, wipes, etc. may contain fluorescent agents, can use UV flashlight to shine UV irradiation, can detect whether these products contain fluorescent agents or not. These messages on the network crazy spread, triggering a “mother” who concern. Forwarding this message one expectant mother Ms. Sun said: “buy one this kind of UV flashlight measure the fluorescent agent, will be more at ease.”

UV flashlight this kind of small flashlight, be sure to pass 3C certification by product, otherwise do not buy, there will be great harm. Tank007’s UV flashlight based on expert certification, through a variety of official certification authority, the industry has enjoyed a good reputation, we strongly recommend this brand flashlight.

UV FlashlightUV intensity flashlight violet emission test

●Experimental Procedure

1.Open the UV intensity meter, the A, B, C turn on the power and light, placed at the strength test meter  2.meter display reads the intensity value

A reading in the display to 39.81mW / cm2, the value stops. Experimenter said, the highest intensity meter scale which is 40mW / cm2, the value stops moving, indicating the measured value “burst table.”

Ultraviolet light damage to the eyes a lot, in the laboratory testing, need to wear plain mirror and other protective


The experimental results

Numerical strength flashlight conversion

     A 39.81mW/cm2398.1W/m2

B 0.35mW/cm23.5W/m2

C 0.34mW/cm23.4W/m2

Conversion formula:0.1mW/cm2=1000mW/10000cm2=1W/m2

Test whether TANK007 violet flashlight can detect fluorescence agent

Experimental Procedure

1.The A4 paper, toilet paper, towel on violet analyzer, open the UV irradiation switch

2.Use a flashlight illuminated the above items

The experimental irradiation results

Items violet light analyzer pan-blue light flashlight toilet pan-blue A4 paper towel pan-blue light pan-blue light pan-blue light pan-blue light

professional instrument for testing fluorescent agent, fluorescent agents can be issued under ultraviolet light blue. Experiment with the toilet paper and other items in the pan-blue light under UV irradiation, indicating that contain fluorescent agents.

Violet flashlight illumination, these fluorescent agents are articles containing pan-light, indicating UV-violet light is capable of emitting a flashlight, can be detected whether an article contains a fluorescent agent.

Currently on the market for sale measurable fluorescent agent violet flashlight, expectant mothers need to be careful when using. “UV on ordinary people have a certain hazards, the greater the harm to pregnant women,so recommend reduce the use of such a violet flashlight during pregnancy.