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Check Money with Tank007 UV Flashlight

Check Money with Tank007 UV Flashlight


If the UV flashlight used for money detect accidentally irradiation directly to injury skin, will harmful to the skin?In our childhood,have appeared very small UV flashlight, at that time didn’t popularize ultraviolet ray can have harm to the skin, the junior partner in play always exposure to the eyes or skin. Is this money check UV flashlight harmful to skin at all?

Ultraviolet intensity of money check UV flashlight was much lower than the sun’s ultraviolet light intensity, won’t produce the near future or long-dated and harm to human body.ultraviolet light in money check flashlight attenuation is as high as 70%, and the ultraviolet ray also is very easy attenuation according to distance.

money check flashlight 315-400 nm UV light is called uv-a, this wavelengths of UV light will only cause the skin to blacken, our daily said tan, is caused by sunlight in this wavelenghths, and need long time exposure, less than 1 hour exposure is no reaction, unless A few hours A day may be tanned, so no worry, what is the effect, to the skin and the so-called cancer is 280-315 nm in the band, is called the UV – B.TANK007 UV flashlight simply does not exist UV – B, so say cancer must be completely invalid, second, even uv-a can suntan the skin,but how many people will use UV flashlight Illuminate a few hours a day to your skin? So this says that use UV flashlight will influential to the body- completely invalid, totally no effect to the skin, so you don’t need to worry it will harm to the skin.