Most portable power banks are composed with one or two rechargeable 18650 Li-ion batteries. Such power banks are quite popular for they can charge mobile phones two or more times with one full charge. But, if there is more batteries in the power bank, it would be a litter heavy to carry. So, many users would like to choose small volume power bank. So, do you ever think that a Led torch light can be a portable power bank? Now, such flashlights are available in the market.

Tank007 has released some Led torch light portable power bank flashlights. Here, this article will introduce two to you.

No.1 UC20

UC20 is a high power rechargeable tactical LED torch light. It is best for military and police uses.

This flashlight is best for police and military use. With high quality Cree XML-U2 LED, this flashlight can emit 1000 lumens bright light. Made from T6061 aerospace aluminum alloy and treated with hard anodizing, the flashlight body is quite durable, anti-scratch, anti-drop, etc. It is powered by a 26650 li-ion battery, which can provide more power. This flashlight has two USB ports, one is for charging the flashlight, and the other is to charge mobile devices.

Led torch light portable power bank

Key features of UC20:
Bright: 1000 lumens, best for outdoor searching, police and military uses
Durable: Cree U2 LED, life time more than 100,000 hours
Hard: Aerospace aluminum T6061, HAIII treatment
UC20 is a good tactical flashlight can be used as a power bank to charge other digital products like smart phones, tablets, cameras, and so on. It is a high power LED tactical flashlight powered by 1*26650 li-ion battery, which ensures the flashlight to be bright enough and burn long time at light mode This flashlight can throw light as far as 300 meters, which is very good for hiking, cycling, camping, hunting and everyday carry.

No.2 TC18

Tank007 TC18 is a new Led torch light portable power bank. This multi-function flashlight can be used for different purposes, for example, as magnet lamp when repair cars, as a tactical flashlight to defense ourselves, or as a table lamp with diffuser, etc. All in all, it can almost meet all your needs when you need a light. As it is powered by one 18650 li-ion battery (2600mAh), it is enough to charge your phone when necessary.

Some features of TC18
TC18 is a versatile rechargeable flashlight which can be focused and has magnet function, with moderate size, suitable for police , searching , outdoor, camping , night riding , maintenance, and other places ;

Both 1*18650 Li-ion battery and 3* AAA batteries can be used. Specially designed fluorescent green circle on the neck of the flashlight can ensure you to find the flashlight more quickly in the darkness.

The silver attack head is good for self-help and self-defense at the crucial moment.

Tail magnet feature makes hands free in outdoors and workplace, also makes it convenient for searching small metal objects.