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Tank007 26650 LED flashlight UC20 Mobile Power Bank

Tank007 26650 LED flashlight UC20 Mobile Power Bank


26650 led flashlight

26650 LED flashlight refers to that kind of flashlights use 26650 batteries, compared to 18650 led flashlights, such kind of flashlights are more powerful, and can emit brighter light.

The most popular 26650 LED flashlight in Tank007 is UC20, which is powered by one 26650 li-ion battery. This article will introduce this flashlight to you.

Tank007 UC20 is a high power rechargeable tactical flashlight. With USB input and output ports, this flashlight is easy to be charged and can also be used as a power bank to charge your mobile devices.

1.UC20 is one of the most popular Rechargeable Flashlights from Tank007, the remarkable component of this flashlight is that it incorporates USB input and output ports.

2.UC20 is a brilliant LED flashlight which underpins USB input and output ports, and can be utilized as a power bank to charge the cell phones and iPad and other cell phones.

3.UC20 flashlight covers 300 meters, which is exceptionally reasonable for climbing, riding, outdoors, chasing and general utilize.

Its output socket and indicator are equipped with the built-in protection model, and the spin visual top end can connect with the charging cable so that it is not required to allocate another protection case, very convenient and humanizing design.

4.Metal button switches are wearable and practical; the specially designed attack head of the flashlight can be applied in the outdoor defense environment.

As a high power flashlight, this UC20 can be a good lighting tool to provide lighting service indoor and outdoor, especially for outdoor activities like camping, riding, hiking, etc. With the high capacity batteries inside, this flashlight is also a reliable power bank. When your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy phone is running out power, this UC20 is your phone’s saver.

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