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Zoomable LED Flashlight TK737 and TC18

Zoomable LED Flashlight TK737 and TC18


Zoomable led flashlight is popular among cyclers. Such kind of flashlights can adjust focus to met different lighting needs.

Zoomable flashlight is not difficult to manufacture, it only need a zoomable head which is scalable.

In Tank007, there are three zoomable flashlights, they are TK737, TK736 and TC18. Here, this article will share some details about them to you.

1. TK737

TK737  is the most popular zoom LED flashlight in Tank007. It is a high power flashlight with precise focusing design. Convex mirror lens can achieve a combination of focus beam and flood beam by one hand pulling and pushing.

This flashlight can be powered by one 18650 battery or 3*AAA batteries if you get a V2 battery holder..



Brand & Model: USA Cree XM-L2 U2
LED Lifespan: above 100,000 hours
Max Brightness: 460 lumens
Throw Beam: 300 m
Output Level: five modes (High-Med-Low-Strobe-SOS)
Chip characteristics: Intelligent memory and constant current circuit chip which maintains constant brightness

2. TC18


TC18 is also a zoomable LED flashlight, but it is more than a bike light, it is a tactical flashlight that can be used for many different purposes, including: table lamp, camping lamp, mobile power bank, etc.. It is a multi function flashlight.
Some details about TC18
A magnet flashlight, it the tail, there is a magnet, which enable the flashlight to stick to metal when users need to work with both hands.
A table lamp, with a white diffuser, it can be used as a table lamp
A camping light: with a white diffuser, it can be used as a camping lamp
A signal light: with red diffuser, it is a signal light.
LED specs:
Brand & Model: USA Cree XP-E2 LED Lifespan: above 100,000 hours Max Brightness: 350lumens Throw Beam: 400 m
More details about Zoomable led flashlight, go to: