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Working principle of ultraviolet flashlight for NDT

Working principle of ultraviolet flashlight for NDT


Industrial NDT covers applications such as workpiece defect detection and material defect detection. The characteristic of industrial NDT is that it does not damage. To test the performance of the object nor does the internal organization of the object, and changes of thermal, acoustic, optical,
electrical and magnetic reactions exist in the abnormal or defective internal or external structure of the material.
The method of checking and testing the type, nature, quantity, shape, position, size, distribution and change of the structure, property,
state and defect of the workpiece or material inside and on the surface by physical or chemical means. And industrial flaw detection ultraviolet flashlight is the use
of UVA ultraviolet and fluorescent magnetic powder to assist non-destructive testing of a physical detection of the following we come together
and industrial uv flashlight manufacturers TANK007 look at the two industrial flaw detection ultraviolet flashlight working process and the difference.
The uv intensity of industrial flaw detection uv flashlight is better for higher, we take 365nm uv flashlight as an example.

1, bulb type mercury ultraviolet flashlight flaw detection

The light source of mercury uv detection torch is the bulb. This 365nm uv detection torch needs preheating to reach the maximum power while turning on.
The preheating time shall be subject to the highest uv intensity. This old mercury UV nondestructive testing UV flashlight gets weaker (decays) over time. Until the uv intensity is no longer detectable to replace.

2, LED industrial flaw detection uv flashlight

The industrial flaw detection ultraviolet flashlight driven by UVLED light source does not need preheating when working, and is ready to use.
In addition, the LED uv flashlight can radiate a full load of ultraviolet flashlight from the opening.
With the number of times and length of use 365nmLED uv flashlight irradiation intensity will also appear attenuation.
After 2years, Professional flaw detection LED uv torch can controll uv intensity attenuation at 10-15% (assuming 16 hours a day.
The life of professional LED uv torch is much higher than that of traditional mercury UV torch.

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