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Why You Need Outdoor Waterproof LED Torch Light

Why You Need Outdoor Waterproof LED Torch Light


waterproof led torch light

Outdoor activities are always popular now. They can keep you away from the hustle and bustle of the city, release the work pressure, open up horizon, and experience the charm of nature. In the choice of outdoor activities, we must be based on the actual needs, so do we choose outdoor lighting flashlight. Outdoor activities cover a wide range of activities; they share same commonality, but different types of outdoor activities require some certain emphasis on the lighting tool. For example, outdoor search and rescue need professional flashlight with high brightness; diving exercise needs good waterproof performance and long lighting time; walking need better cruise, easy to carry and so on. The following article will base on commonality, practical use to explore how to choose the right outdoor waterproof led torch light.

Outdoor flashlight with its high-precision brightness, long life and strong material in our outdoor sports occupies a very important role, but this does not mean that all the rides and other outdoor light has these advantages, the market Commodities are quite mixed, do not master the basic knowledge, will be able to distinguish between good and bad.

Life time: we cannot carry a lot of batteries for outdoor activities, so try to use high efficiency flashlight, to ensure adequate brightness and long life. It is best to have a low light that can last up to dozens of hours; in order to prepare for extreme cases can be continuous used every night for more than a week. The run time of the flashlight depends on the battery, the prior choice is rechargeable lithium battery, and common nickel-metal hydride batteries can be emergency standby.

Waterproof: waterproof level to IPX-8 level, soaked in shallow water (generally refers to within 2 meters) can be used normally; the higher, the better water resistance. Such waterproof led torch light os best for outdoor activities. If the value is too high, it is special made for work underwater. In a sense, waterproof performance is also part of the content of outdoor reliability.

Lamp: the general LED lights, this is the industry generally rule, no other bulbs in the brightness and energy consumption beyond it, the mainstream technology products, high precision, long range, long life.

Lighting brightness: outdoor activities in complex environment, different kinds of situations will appear, in the need for high-brightness lighting, clearly see the front of the flashlight is powerless is very dangerous. Therefore, a high-brightness flashlight is essential lighting tools, especially for the unfamiliar sections of the exploration, the maximum brightness of the best flashlight more than 700 lumens