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Why ultraviolet reagent detection lamp has higher sensitivity and specificity?

Why ultraviolet reagent detection lamp has higher sensitivity and specificity?


In recent days, local epidemics of highly contagious mutant strains have brought challenges to our epidemic prevention and control.
At the same time, we have learned from various media. The Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism of The State Council has “updated” the antigen detection kits aimed at improving the ability of “early detection”. It doesn’t have nucleic acid testing capabilities in a concentration with a relatively high risk of infection. We can use antigen detection kits (ultraviolet reagent detection lamp)to identify the source of infection in a shorter time
without resorting to specialized laboratories or complex instruments. So as to realize the dynamic elimination of infection in society as soon as possible.
Currently, there are three types of antigen detection kits on the market, namely colloidal gold, latex and fluorescent immunochromatography.
TANK007 UV lamp manufacturers tell you that the most important measure of a test kit is specificity and sensitivity, we will understand below.

First of all, we should understand that the antigen detection kits as a supplementary means of nucleic acid detection, it can not replace nucleic acid detection.
Nucleic acid tests continue to be the basis for the confirmation of novel coronavirus infection. Antigen detection, as a supplementary means of detection for screening specific populations, which can not only reduce the work intensity of nucleic acid sampling and detection personnel,but also can be an additional means of virus detection.

About specificity and sensitivity. Specificity is the percentage of healthy people who test negative; Sensitivity is the percentage of patients who test positive;
In general, the closer these two indicators are to 100%, the higher the accuracy. The specificity of antigen detection can reach 99%,while the specificity of nucleic acid test can reach 100%.

Why is fluorescein immunoassay antigen detection kits more sensitive and specific?
Since the immunochromatographic strip/reagent card ontroduces Fluorescent nanospheres as markers. When the fluorescent markers reacted with antigens or antibodies, which can form the antigen antibody complexes containing fluorescent microspheres. Then, to read the fluorescence signal on the strip with immunofluorescence analyzer,and the fluorescence intensity detectes or chemical fluorescence method. Ultraviolet lamp of special band. Such as TANK007 UV340 ultraviolet reagent detection lamp. The ultraviolet reagent detection lamp light wave radiated by the uv lamp can cause the fluorescent microsphere marker
to fluoresce and present in the quality control area or detection area of the antigen card.

Among the three antigen detection boxes, colloidal gold and latex antigen detection boxes are visible light color signals,
and fluorescence immunochromatography is fluorescence, which is a kind of penetrating light, so the sensitivity of fluorescence chromatography
is 10 times higher than colloidal gold and latex methods. In addition, colloidal gold and latex production control requirements are high, many unstable factors for qualitative detection.Fluorescent material has better stability, so it is suitable for semi-quantitative detection, and basic quantitative detection with the ipper detector.Specificity: colloidal gold or latex particles and antibodies through electrostatic adsorption, the matrix in the sample affects easier, too acid, too alkali, too salt will be affected, and the chemical coupling of fluorescent substances and antibodies
to a greater degree of resistance to the influence of matrix, so the specificity of fluorescence in some items will be better.

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