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Why choose Tank007 UV6100 pet urine detection flashlight?

Why choose Tank007 UV6100 pet urine detection flashlight?


The appearance of UV6100 breaks through the limitation of conventional flashlight.
Unique “elephant nose” type patent shape.
It is not only simple and generous, but also use as a home.
And put on the desktop is also a beautiful home accessories.

UV6100 is equipped with lithium battery with Micro USB charging port and a USB charging line.
There is also a charging indicator on the battery.
You can use the charger of the mobile phone at home to charge.
And it can work continuously for more than 3 hours once full, fully meeting the requirements of a test.

The UV6100 uses a single mode of lighting, simple but effective.
Side electronic button switch, very close to the increase of anti-error contact design (long press light).
To avoid the use of loss or children opened by mistake and uv damage.
The electronic switch has blue and red dual-color light indicator.
It can timely remind the use of electricity.

The UV6100 is IPX7 waterproof and can be washed directly with water.
Even in the use of torrential rain does not affect performance.

In general, Tank007’s pet urine stain detection flashlight UV6100 is not only stylish and distinctive.
But also designed to solve the problem of urine stain detection in terms of functions.
It is the perfect choice for household pet urine stain detection.

Tank007 UV6100 flashlight
Tank007 UV6100 flashlight