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Which light source of explosion-proof flashlight is better?

Which light source of explosion-proof flashlight is better?


With the LED light source technology, The brightness is getting higher and higher. Some manufacturers even claimed that tens of thousands of lumens.

The improvement of light efficiency of explosion-proof flashlight especially
whether the high lumen light source affects human health has become a new industry problem.

High brightness lamps and blue light caused by human eye. Discomfort requirements explosion-proof flashlight manufacturers must pay attention to the quality of explosion-proof flashlight light source. In particular,
the concept of healthy light source is forward to let us re-examine what light source explosion-proof flashlight is good.

Why to pay attention to LED explosion-proof flashlight light source quality?
At present, LED explosion-proof lamps industry blind pursuit of high brightness searchlight to our eyes. They are causing the attention of lighting association.
High brightness explosion-proof headlamp and explosion-proof flashlight are easy to cause human eyes discomfort, such as dry eyes, swelling,
tears and even cause retinal atrophy. At the same time, the harm of blue light caused by LED explosion-proof flashlight, visual fatigue, bulbar muscle atrophy,
glaucoma and other diseases are also the four major light hazards that have been troubling us.

What light source explosion-proof flashlight is good?
The light source that accords with human health refers to the visible light. And human body can bear, do not harm to the body, do not harm to vision,
make human can feel cheerful. Specifically, the closer the explosion-proof flashlight is to the natural light source, the better its light source.
For example, the sun at 8 am and 5 PM is more comfortable. And the lamp color of this light is the healthiest.
Therefore, LED explosion-proof lamps manufacturers should try to adjust explosion-proof lamps to this light color temperature.
In this sense, whether traditional incandescent lamp or semiconductor LED light source. As long as the light color can be adjusted to the above mentioned health light
source requirements are in line with the health explosion-proof flashlight.

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