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Which is the most popular flashlight

Which is the most popular flashlight


What are the best 10 flashlight brand in the world? That’s a question. Where can I buy these best flashlight? There are many answers in each forum, everyone says they are the best,but is it true? We will make a caculate for you guys today.

No.1 Tank007

Recommend level:★★★★★

Tank007 flashlight has been widely used in many fileds, for instance, jewelry to check fake jade,the J6, TK568, and the latest X568 are very well-known. Outdoor flashlight, tactical flashlight PT10/PT40, and uv flashlight have been export to the whole world, and got good reputation among customers, so they got 5 stars.

No.2 Surefire

Recommendation level:★★★★

Surefire, knowns as its high quality, but the price is not friendly. Meanwhile in China, fake FIRES has filled the market. Even the brightness of Surefire may higher than other brands, but their brand has been ruined by these fakes fire, thats why they only got 4 stars.

No.1 Fenix

Recommendation level:★★★★

Fenix is also has high qua;ity, many army equiped with their flashlight, but their price and sals channels are for company and Goverments, not for publics, so they are not famous as Tank007 and Surefire. Their quality is really impressive, recommend level:4 stars

There are many other flashlight brand in market, searching on Taobao, you will get many results, that’s all determined by you guys. that’s all we recommend today, enjoy it.