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What Outdoor Kits Do You Need when You Go Out

What Outdoor Kits Do You Need when You Go Out


Outdoor kits

Going outdoor is a good way to relax us, we can breath fresh air, we can enjoy blue sky, and if you go to the sea bank, you can also enjoy the sea wind. If you bring a tent with you, you can even stay outside at night. In a all, going outside is exciting experience. But when you go outdoor, what outdoor kits do you need? Here, this article will list some kits you need when you prepare to go outdoor.

Outdoor kits you should bring when you go outside

1.Hiking shoes: If you are not riding a bike, then a pair of comfortable hiking shoes is important for you need to walk long time when you are outside. Here is a tip for your reference: choose a little bigger pair of shoes than usual, because you will feel uncomfortable when you walk long if the shoes are right of the size of your feet. Your heel should not close to the shoe. One ultimate goal is make sure your toes not to kick the front when you are hiking, climbing, etc.

2. Backpack: A large enough backpack is necessary when you go outside. 20L and 40L backpack are for those who live outside one night; 60L and the larger ones for two nights or longer.

3. Swiss Army knife and fire: A knife is needed when you go out, not only for safety, but also for other uses such as cutting, drilling, etc.. An ordinary Swiss Army knife, in general, includes surgeon, knife, scissors, bottle opener, wood saw, small screwdriver, pull the cork drill, toothpick, tweezers and other tools. Furthermore, the matches or lighters is important when you are outside, you need it to boil food, and scare animals at night. The matches or lighters should keep secure to avoid becoming damp; or carry a flint, so you do not have to worry about fire.

3. hat: hat is a good tool to protect our head. In summer, a hat the keep your head away from direct sunlight; and in winter, it can warm you head by keep if from sharp wind.

4. Clothing: Proper clothes are important. As is known to us, there are various types of clothes, like professional clothes for mountaineering, common outdoor, sports, etc..Therefore, you need choose the proper type of clothes according to your need.

In the mountains during the day the temperature is relatively high, but the it would drop dramatically at night, so clothing proper for four seasons is essential. So, it is recommend to prepare a fleece and a jacket, the jacket should be waterproof, windproof, and fleece with breathable, keeping warm.

5. Headlamp and flashlight: Headlamp and flashlight are very important equipment, they are necessary when it is dim. Do remember to remove the battery when they are not in use to avoid corrosion. You’d better carry some lamp in case of the lamp get broken. Outdoor flashlight can be the best choice for you to go outside.

7. Other outdoor kits: First aid kit and sleep bag. You need to know how to use first aid kit first, and do carry one with you. A sleep bag is also necessary to keep you warm at night when you sleep or reset.