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What are the advantages of professional 365nm UV flashlights over ordinary UV flashlights?

What are the advantages of professional 365nm UV flashlights over ordinary UV flashlights?


The 365nm wavelength ultraviolet lamp or ultraviolet flashlight can actually do many things, such as anti-counterfeiting identification of antiques, calligraphy and paintings, amber, coins and documents.

Careful friends may have discovered that the same 365nm UV lamp is actually divided into ordinary 365nm UV flashlight and professional 365nm UV flashlight.

It can also be roughly distinguished in appearance. For example, for ordinary fluorescent anti-counterfeiting detection, a mini 365nm purple light flashlight is usually used, while for industrial non-destructive testing, pharmaceutical factory degreasing cleaning inspection, laboratory observation, fluorescent leakage detection, and criminal investigation, the A large, professional 365nm UV flashlight.

So, how to choose between professional 365nm UV flashlight and ordinary 365nm UV lamp? Next, Shenzhen UV lamp manufacturer TANK007 will tell you.

Ordinary 365nm UV flashlights and professional 365nm UV flashlights are different in UV irradiance, irradiation area and distance.

The light source used in the professional 365nm UV flashlight is high-power imported UVLED lamp beads. This professional purple flashlight is equipped with special optical lenses and filter lenses that can not only increase the ultraviolet transmittance, but also

It can also reduce the output of visible light, allowing professional 365nm UV flashlights to obtain stronger UV intensity and irradiation area.

In terms of heat dissipation, the professional UV flashlight also has a scientific heat dissipation design in the head lamp cavity, which can conduct the core temperature of the flashlight out in time, effectively control the temperature rise of the 365 professional UV flashlight, and extend its life.

Take the TANK007UVC31 professional 365nm purple flashlight as an example. As a single LED chip UV flashlight, its UV intensity at a distance of 15cm is as high as 72000uW/cm2, and its UV intensity at 38cm is 30000uW/cm2.

Professional UV lamps are about 6 times more powerful than ordinary 365nm UV flashlights. Of course, they are also much more expensive than ordinary 365nm UV flashlights.

Therefore, if ordinary consumers only use it to inspect banknotes, identify calligraphy, paintings and antiques, then they can use portable 365nm UV flashlights. However, in the fields of industrial flaw detection, industrial curing and fluorescent leak detection, we recommend choosing professional 365nm UV flashlights.

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