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WF02 outdoor flashlight–a flashlight from the future

WF02 outdoor flashlight–a flashlight from the future


What was the earliest prototype of the flashlight? The English name of the flashlight is “Torch”, which translates to torch
In the Paleolithic Age, the Peking Man hit rocks to make fire, and there were torches, about 700,000 years ago. Since the flashlight came out, its shape has always been the original cylindrical shape, which is the origin of the “tube”. If you are a human from the new world in the future, would you be willing to be mediocre and hold an ordinary cylindrical flashlight like the people more than a hundred years ago? The answer may be: NO! So, just today, Tanke will realize your ideal in a hundred years and design your dream light.
mini flashlight

Family members who know the Tanker brand know that the Tanker brand has an excellent R&D and design team in the industry.

Good products are not limited to appearance, first look at performance
In terms of LED, the headlight has a strong light of 1100 lumens and a range of 200 meters. The double lamp head can make the lighting range wider;
The side light adopts high-color-rendering CREE warm light beads to restore the true color of the object, providing a comfortable 120 lumens of working light without flickering, making maintenance and reading more eye-friendly;
In terms of battery, a 1700mAh built-in rechargeable lithium battery is used, with a working light life of more than 10 hours and an energy-saving light life of 168 hours;
In terms of charging, the Type-C direct charging interface is the most commonly used and most compatible.
Two independent dual-control switches, easy to operate, using the tilted design of the body to realize physical anti-mistouch, it is tailor-made for mechanical control, in order to simplify the operation, two switches are made at any cost, the front light and the side light are separated independent switch. I would like to ask, especially enthusiasts, have you ever had the experience of putting a flashlight in your bag or pocket, and the pocket was burned with a hole, or burned to PG, carefully look at the two switches are slightly tilted, for Prevent accidentally touching the boot. The details are done to the extreme. This is the difference between big brands and small factories lies in the details
Ergonomic design, double-sided concave-convex curves and massage points to ensure grip and fit; on the back of the round headlight, a detachable powerful magnet is added to enrich its practicality, and the magnet can be freely installed or removed as needed;
It is also equipped with pocket clips and hat clips, which can be used to clip the flashlight on the bag, belt or hat brim, freeing hands while not occupying space. It is very convenient for outdoor hiking, night running, and maintenance; it also solves problems. Like the hassle of having a headlight;

Outdoor glare flashlight_led glare flashlight

Tanke Hand has always focused on being easy to use and durable, and it can also give you a good look
Aluminum alloy shell, five colors to choose from, black, green, blue classic beauty, the texture is like sports car paint;
I use double front spotlights and side round headlights for the LED lights. The inspiration comes from the designer’s childhood fantasy about UFOs, which are spaceships in your little world! This is a flashlight from the future.
Live Room: No matter from the appearance design, lighting performance, operation and use, etc., every detail reflects the design style of the big factory. This is the original intention that Tank007 has been sticking to since it entered the industry 23 years ago. Every time I get this flashlight, I can Looking at it for a long time, I always think of myself. In the lighting industry, in this era when bad money drives out good money, we have been doing it for 23 years. The design of each flashlight has the epitome of our entrepreneurial path over the years. To make a living in fireworks and to seek dreams in frustration, I am a girl who makes a led rechargeable flashlight (the girl who walked out of the mountains), the founder of Tank007, just like this flashlight in my hand, I hope to turn the light The power to bring more friends.